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Oriel Science Opens 'IMAGING' Exhibition

Updated: Dec 14, 2023


In July 2022, Oriel Science sent an open call out to Swansea University researchers asking for their input into a new exhibition. Over 50 researchers from across the University submitted their ideas. Thus, in May, Oriel Science closed its doors and the team rolled up their sleeves and got to work. For those 6 weeks, the team sawed, built, painted, and gathered materials for over 40 new exhibits. After years of precautions thanks to the pandemic, the Oriel Science team were very keen to create an interactive, multisensory and hands on exhibition address to diverse audiences. IMAGING celebrates how our researchers visualise, capture and interpret the world within and around us, from imagining the size of a megalodon shark, and making a model heart pump, to interacting with an artefact from the Mary Rose, and seeing distant stars and galaxies.

On a very hot afternoon on June 14th, we threw open the doors for a closed door opening. Our private launch event introduced over 200 people to our IMAGING exhibition; including the researchers who contributed to the exhibition, representatives from Swansea Council, Swansea University, and colleagues from other Swansea cultural institutions. We thank every single person who made IMAGING happen and has supported our work.


We have since opened to the public and launched new school and public workshops, which have been wildly popular. With more school and public workshops in the works we hope to continue sharing with everyone the amazing work done by Swansea University and get people excited about science!


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