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Construction Challenge Workshops

Inspired by our ‘Your perfect Neighbourhood exhibit’ we are challenging you to come along and see who can build the tallest tower using spaghetti and marshmallows. Can you create your own Eiffel Tower, or will it be a Pisa? 


After the workshop build your perfect neighbourhood and show us where your tower fits. Your participation helps our researchers in gathering valuable data to pinpoint which parts of our neighbourhoods help us to be healthy. With your help they can provide evidence to government, policymakers, and planners to help them create healthier and happier communities.

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Construction Challenge:
Science Corner Activities

Come along to Oriel Science and build your perfect neighbourhood.  Activities for young engineers will include building paper houses, creating plasticine street furniture, and being given the opportunity to brainstorm on how the landscape affects the way we live.


Pit Stop Fun: 
Family Racing Construction Challenge

Our Science Corner will be hosting an exciting racing car construction championship that promises fun for the whole family!

  •  Race our SURE car to get the best time!

  • Shape a model car to conquer our track!

  • Get creative on paper – design your own racing car!

  • For our younger racers – colour the best car!

WELSH DARK SKIES WEEK 2024 workshops at Oriel Science

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Stardust Hunters


Every year, approx. 3,000 tons of cosmic dust fall to the surface of the Earth – these extra-terrestrial particles which survive the journey through the atmosphere to land on the Earth are known as micrometeorites.

Join us on the hunt for these particles and help scientists learn about our early Solar System.

Faulkes Telescope


Have you ever wondered what it is like to observe the night sky through a telescope? Join us at Oriel Science, take control of the Faulkes telescopes in Hawaii and Australia and observe the universe in real time*!

February 2024

Celebrating Women & Girls in Science

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Visit Oriel Science and take a stimulating journey into the world of Women & Girls in Science!


11:00 – 11:30Talk:

“Impacts from space: Crashing the dinosaurs party”.

Delivered by Dr Sarah Roberts, Astronomer, Swansea University.


11:30 – 12:00 Talk:

“Girl power in Science”.

Delivered by Sandra Morgan, Oriel Science, Swansea University.


12:00 – 12:30 Hands-on activities at the Science Corner.

Led by Sandra Morgan, Oriel Science, Swansea University.


February 2024

Santa's Slimy Sparkle

This season, join the festive fun at our Science Corner where we explore what Santa puts on his sleigh to make it shine! Come along with your family and discover how to create Santa's Slimy Sparkle.


December 2023 - January 2024

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Eyes on the World

This workshop draws from exhibits in our IMAGING exhibition to explore how we and other animals see the world around us. Learn how the structure of human eyes compares to that of insect eyes. Join this family-friendly workshop and try out some of our fun activities to find out how we interpret what we see.

January 2024

SHAPE OF SPEED_Autumn 2023 copy.png

Shape of Speed

As part of this year's Swansea Science Festival, join Oriel Science's workshop "The Shape of Speed" and design a model car to compete against others; make a CD hovercraft and have a go on our ‘SURE car’ an open-wheeler competitive racing car designed by Swansea University students.

November 2023

Swansea Science Festival

Swansea Science Festival 2023.jpg

The Swansea Science Festival returns with the Family Festival, live and in person, at the National Waterfront Museum.

The weekend festival will host over 30 FREE exhibitions 

and Oriel Science will be there! 


Come along to our stand to practice your engineering skills, compete against others, learn how to make a CD hovercraft and learn how the Swansea University Race Engineering (SURE) Team designs and builds cars to be aerodynamically efficient! 

October 2023

Science Corner activities

Science Corner activities.png

Stop by and design your own insect or make a bug hotel at our Science Corner. If you’re up for some more action, you can also participate in our “Illusive Insect Easter-Hunt”. Find the hidden clues around the venue to reveal the name of the “Illusive Insect”

to take part in our draw and win a “Beetle Game” prize!!!

April 2023

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Jointed Jamboree

This workshop looks at our Crab Maze, and our Insect exhibits and explores Phylum Arthropoda, estimated to contain 80% of all known animal species! Learn how these animals with jointed legs and no bones move and how they can survive in every habitat on Earth.

April 2023

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Shhh! Sound

This workshop looks at our “Acoustic Levitator” exhibit and explores the nature of sound. Learn how sound is produced and how humans and our animal cousins sense that sound by looking at the structure of different types of ears! 

February 2023

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More Tiny Little Things Workshop

Visit the microscopic world! 

In these workshops, you will be able to look at slides prepared by professionals and make slides yourself. Following on from October Half-Term’s “Tiny Little Things” workshop, you will once again peer at what we cannot usually see, but there will be new specimens this time!

January 2023

Join Us Underwater film

A 9min collaborative creation, by the Swansea community and Swansea University's Freshwater Interdisciplinary Research and Engagement (FIRE) Lab.

October-December 2022

Meet the Researcher

Meet the Researcher

Visit Oriel Science and meet the researchers of the "Join Us Underwater Film" exhibit, Stephanie Januchowski-Hartley and Ioanna-Daphne Giannoulatou.

The researchers will be in Oriel Science to talk about UK’s migratory fishes and how the different projects created by Swansea University’s FIRE Lab contribute to revealing people’s thoughts and feelings about freshwater environments.


Every hour on the hour, between 11:00 and 14:00, the researchers will be presenting a different project to visitors, through short interactive talks.

The talks are free and suitable for all ages.

November 2022

Swansea Science Cafe.jpg

Swansea Science Café

Join Cancer Research Wales for a FREE evening of discovery at the Swansea Science Café!

November 2022.

half term workshops & Science corner activities past_website.png

Half Term Workshops

A series of free workshops and activities, addressed to all, looking into the science behind some of Oriel Science's exhibits.

October - November 2022

Summer Workshops Poster_edited.jpg

Summer Workshops

A series of 4 free workshops, addressed to all, looking into the science behind some of Oriel Science's exhibits.

August 2022

Join Us Underwater I.png

Join Us Underwater I

An interactive exhibit created by Swansea University's Freshwater Interdisciplinary Research and Engagement (FIRE) Lab.

April 2022

Copper Crucibles

A fun clay modelling workshop addressed to all, led by ceramicist and artist Esther Ley.

February 2022

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