July 2021

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summer holiday opening hours 
21/07/21 onwards

From Wednesday the 21st of July 2021, the Oriel Science venue will be open to the public every Wednesday through to Sunday throughout the Summer Holidays. If you do decide to visit us over the holidays, you'll be given the option to take part in our Summer Holiday Competition! Book your freetickets here

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oriel science summer cafe -stardust hunters! 
28/07/21 | 3pm - 4pm

Every Wednesday throughout the Summer Holidays, Oriel Science will be holding a range of talks and workshops hosted by some of our very own exhibitors. First up to talk about their exhibit is Dr Sarah Roberts who will explain how you can find your very own micrometeorites! Book your free tickets here.

august 2021


oriel science summer cafe -           uk bugs are boring...aren't they?
04/08/21 | 3pm - 4pm

If you think UK bugs are boring, prepare to have your mind changed!  From long-distance fliers to fantastic mimicry, your garden is full of surprises! Join us for our second Oriel Science Cafe hosted by Dr Wendy Harris. Book your free tickets here.

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oriel science summer cafe -           walking, running, jumping
11/08/21 | 3pm - 4pm

We have to learn to walk before we can run (or jump) – so the saying goes.  But how do we achieve these movements?  In this talk Dr Nick Owen will explain the biology and physics that underpins how humans and animals are able to walk, run and jump. Book your free tickets here.


oriel science summer cafe -         dreams 
18/08/21 | 3pm - 4pm

In this Oriel Science Summer Cafe, Dr Mark Blagrove and Julia Lockheart will discuss the science of what has happened to our dreams during the pandemic, and present the nine Covid dream artworks on display at Oriel Science and the stories behind them.   Book your free tickets here.

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oriel science summer cafe - is hydrogen the fuel of the future? 25/08/21 | 3pm - 4pm

In the last Oriel Science Summer Cafe, you’ll learn how we can create and use Hydrogen in our daily lives and how a Hydrogen economy can make our planet more sustainable. You’ll see a Hydrogen fuel cell powered car and be given the opportunity to make your own Hydrogen with a demonstration bike powering an electrolyser, the only ability required is pedalling fast! Book your free tickets here.