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ORIEL SCIENCE In The News 2023

Updated: Dec 22, 2023


2023 has been a busy year for both the Oriel Science team and the incredible academics, researchers and scientists who contributed to our 40+ exhibits. Swansea University conducts first-rate research that is recognised globally, with 86% of it being rated as 'world-leading or internationally excellent.' We feel fortunate at Oriel Science to have the opportunity to showcase a small amount of this wonderful work. But we are not the only ones who see how awesome our researchers are! Our exhibitors have been popping up in the news across the world for their contributions in a variety of fields including environmentalism, paleontology, renewable energy and so much more!

We have collated just some of the news articles you may have missed. For more – please visit our ‘In The News’ section.


Inspiring Future Generations:

A white posterboard in the foreground that says 'The hydrogen bike' and a young masked man riding the bike in the background

Oriel Science has held a variety of workshops this year but one of our most popular was our Hydrogen Power workshop, a topic many locals have been discussing with the government being in talks to build a hydrogen power station in the local area. With green energy and energy diversification being hot topics, our aim is to teach children about the variety of power available and how each works.


Sharks need better protection to maintain functional diversity:

A young boy in face paint lays on the ground in the mouth of a life size sticker of a Megalodon shark

Swansea University researchers teamed up with the University of Zurich to investigate protections given to some of the worlds most endangered species: sharks, rays and skates. The article details how these magnificent creatures make up a rich tapestry that allows for functional diversity and the crucial protection of ecosystems.


No such thing as a healthy tan:

A girl with her head under a hood inside a camera in the foreground, a bespectacled woman in the background using an ipad to take the image

Oriel Science is hosting the Sunview Project’s UV camera, which shows you the effect sunscreen has on blocking harmful UV rays. With Wales having the highest diagnosis rate of skin cancer in the UK, the researchers are hoping to use this data to encourage the Welsh government to do more to educate school children on the harm the sun can do to our health.


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