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Hauntingly Good Fun at Oriel Science!

We had lots of fun in Oriel Science this October Half-Term; people of all ages took part in our workshops. Let's take a closer look at the activities that went on here at Oriel Science!

Slimy Ectoplasm in Science Corner!

On our Science Corner, our resident mad scientists Alexander, Ana Clara, Emily, Emma and Jac made “ectoplasm” using everyday ingredients that you can find in your cupboard at home. It was a chance for everyone to get messy and a hands-on experience for the whole family!

Spooky Workshops

We held two spooky workshops on Halloween, where our resident witch and Oriel Science’s Senior Educational Teaching Assistant, Sandra, taught our participants about skeletons and bones in the body. We discussed how Frankenstein's monster would have come to life using electricity and looked at how substances move when given an electrical charge. We made pie cases fly, caused objects to spin, and experimented on our Barbie doll by making her hair

and skirts stand on end!

‘Tiny Little Things’

Our last four workshops to finish the Half-Term week were our ‘Tiny Little Things’ workshops. In these workshops, we visited the microscopic world! Our participants looked at how electron microscopes magnify objects by many thousands, studied photographs taken using an electron microscope and we guessed what they were showing. We looked at a variety of prepared slides under different magnifications up to 400x. Workshops were finished off by making microscope slides using our own specimens such as sand, petals, leaves and coffee granules!


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