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FAQ - Public Workshops

1. How can I book tickets for the Public Workshops?

You can reserve your free ticket via Oriel Science’s profile on Eventbrite. The booking link for each workshop session can be found on our website as well as in our social media posts and newsletter. Follow this link to join our newsletter mailing list.

2. Should I book tickets both for children and for adults attending a Public Workshop?

Yes! We generate individual tickets to ensure there is enough space and resources for all attendees, including both adults and children.

3. How can I cancel my ticket for a Public Workshop?

To cancel a ticket please follow the next few steps:

  1. Locate the confirmation email sent via Eventbrite. 

  2. Find and click the “View and manage your order online” link. 

  3. Once logged into your Eventbrite account, navigate to "Orders".

  4. Select the event's name, and click the "Cancel Order" button. 

  5. A verification pop-up window will appear; click “Yes, cancel this order”.

To cancel via the Eventbrite app follow the same steps starting from step 3.

4. Are walk-ins welcome during Public Workshops?

 We prioritise pre-booked tickets but welcome walk-ins to fill any unoccupied seats.

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