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FAQ - School Workshops

1. Who can book a School Workshop and how?

Currently, our School Workshops are available for booking by teachers via our website by completing this booking form. Our school workshops are free for state schools.

2. When is Oriel Science open to schools?

Oriel Science is open for School Workshop bookings Monday to Friday during term time only.

3. How are the School Workshops referenced to the National Curriculum for Wales?

Our workshops are designed by an experienced teacher and individually referenced to the Areas of Learning and Experience outlined in the Curriculum for Wales.

4. What is the maximum number of pupils that can be accommodated in each School Workshop?

We can accommodate 35. However, we can split larger groups with our colleagues in the nearby Waterfront Museum, so that pupils visit both sites in turn.

5. Would the pupils be able to engage with more than one School Workshop in a single visit?

Yes, schools can book up to two workshops in a single visit and may eat their packed lunch on-site.

6. Can students engage with the exhibits in the venue after the school workshop?

All our School Workshops are inspired by some of Oriel Science’s current exhibits and pupils are encouraged to interact with them during the workshop. To view and interact with the other exhibits, we offer a tour of our current exhibition which runs for an additional 90 minutes. If you wish to book this, please indicate on your booking form that you would like to include the tour along with your workshop.

7. Can School Workshops be adjusted to be suitable for ages outside the recommended age range?

Each of our School Workshops is suitable for specific year groups, as detailed on our ‘School Workshops’ page under each listing. Unfortunately, we are unable to customise workshops for year groups significantly different from the recommended ones listed.

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