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World Population Day

What is World Population Day?

World population day aims to target attention to the seriousness and importance of population issues.

World Population Facts

World Population Day was initially founded by The United Nations. It is celebrated because it sends the message that everyone in the world should be able to live in a dignified way. The world population is currently 7.96 billion.

A city’s population is the number of people currently living there. So the population in Swansea is presently 314,000 people and there are 3.19 million people living in Wales! That’s a lot of people!

Issues surrounding population is overpopulation, i.e., when there are too many people living in the same area, or an area can be underpopulated, i.e., there aren’t enough people living in that area. What is the population like in the area you live in? Is it overpopulated or underpopulated?

Issues in population can also cause conflicts over water, energy and food. These conflicts are very serious and can even lead to war!

Another factor in the world population is immigration and immigration occurs when individuals can no longer live in a dignified way. Come and see our “Journey” exhibit in Oriel Science where you can expand your knowledge on immigration and further think about why it occurs and what the consequences might be.


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