The Future Wall

As part of The Story of Time, Oriel Science hosted a Future Wall, where visitors could write down their visions for the future of Swansea (and the world!). Responses ranged from the personal to the global, from dystopian nightmares to flying cars and a cure for cancer.

In total, we collected over six hundred responses from a wide variety of visitors. The vast majority were optimistic about the future, describing the benefits of new science and technology. Visitors mentioned flying cars, robot servants, cures for diseases, clean energy and even teleportation. Quite a few brought up the possibility of hoverboards, perhaps inspired by our DeLorean exhibit!

Other messages paint a darker picture. Worries about climate change, globalisation, artificial intelligence, and even alien invasion and the zombie apocalypse were on display. Some had a mixed outlook, imagining how bad times ahead might put humanity on a better path.

As a continuation of the project, we will be exhibiting the responses on social media through a special Twitter account. You can follow for daily updates on the future, or browse through the archive to see what people have written.